Looking for an Alarm System?

Homes and businesses with alarm systems have less chance of being burglarized than comparable establishments without systems, say 90% of police. Most police believe alarm systems are effective, according to the National Survey of Police and Fire Chiefs sponsored by the Security Equipment Industry Association (SEIA) and conducted by StatResources of Boston.

  • 85% of police officials believe that security systems decrease chances of residences being burglarized.
  • 90% of police say a business is less likely to be burglarized if it has an alarm system.
  • 90% of police officials feel that an alarm system increases the probability of a burglar being apprehended.
  • 85% of chiefs surveyed say they have encouraged installation of electronic security systems in homes or businesses in their communities.
  • 80% of police and 75% of fire chiefs in larger cities prefer alarms which alert a 24-hour monitoring company to those that report directly to police or fire departments.
  • 86% of police and 81% of fire chiefs feel that a system which has only a siren or bell on the protected premises, is better than no system at all.
  • 50% of big-city police respondents believe that a typical home has more chance of being burglarized today than in 1980.
  • 60% of police and fire officials report that home and business owners often ask them to make recommendations about alarm installations.

Source: StatResources, Boston MA, 1986 You Are Part of the System When considering the installation of an alarm system, remember that you are a vital part of the alarm function. You must completely understand how the system works, what it does and does not do and what you must do to keep it in proper operating condition.

Be sure that you are provided with adequate instructions for testing and using the alarm system. Ask the alarm company to provide you with written instructions. The alarm company will be happy to provide the instructions since it reduces the number of false alarms and maintenance calls.

Our Advice

You Get What You Pay For.

In security systems as in most things, quality costs money. Remember to carefully evaluate your needs before making a final decision. What appears to be a bargain may prove to be an extremely limited system or unreliable customer service is something goes wrong.

  • Select a reputable and experienced alarm company. You want it to be in business when you need service.

  • Ask the alarm company for names of customers from which you may get references.
  • Check with the Kansas City Better Business Bureau and other online sources to read reviews.

  • Ask the alarm company if it is a member of a local, state or national alarm association. These non-profit trade associations are made up of companies that are part of a reputable, professional industry, and which remain current with the technology and practices of the industry.

  • Ask for a written proposal and a copy of the contract which will protect you as well as the company. Make sure your contract lists the equipment the alarm company will install.

And Another Thing . . .

Remember that a good alarm system is an investment in your security and personal well-being. Know the alarm company you are dealing with and make sure you understand exactly what protection you are getting for your investment.